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Read aloud any Google Doc, PDF, webpage, or book with text to speech (TTS). Supports natural sounding voices in 60+ languages & 100+ voices.

Enjoy listening to content as you browse, work, or relax. It’s fast, easy, and free.

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Why Voice Out?

Voice Out is a free amazing text-to-speech extension on the Chrome Webstore.
Works on the largest number of websites, comes with advanced features and designed to respect your privacy.

Radar icon Read Everything 3x Faster. Read faster by using speed up. Works anywhere there's text. Voice Out's reading is powered by state-of-the-art AI-enabled text-to-speech engine.
Meteor icon Advanced Features To Make Reading A Breeze. Supports advanced features like background listening, highlighting, pausing, skipping, change pitch and more to make reading a breeze.
Stars icon Designed To Respect Your Privacy. Voice Out needs only minimal permissions to run. We don't track you or sell your data. We respect your privacy.

Works Where You Do

Designed to work across all websites including Google Docs, news sites, email, etc..


Get started

Watch our overview video or read our step-by-step guide.

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Open a webpage

Open a page you want to read aloud using Voice Out. This can be a webpage, Google Doc, PDF, or ebook.

Start Voice Out

Click on the Voice Out button to the right of the address bar to start text-to-speech.

That's It!

Enjoy listening to content as you browse, work, or relax.

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Users from all over the world use Voice Out for their Text-to-Speech needs.

Voice Out makes reading a breeze. As someone learning English as a second language, listening while reading along in a book has greatly boosted my skills.

Daniel Harris



I found it very easy to understand. Despite my learning disability, I could fully grasp everything that was read to me.


Colorado, USA


Huge time saver. I'm new to Voice Out, but I'm already excited about all the knowledge I'll gain while doing my daily chores!

David Taylor



Voice Out has significantly sped up and simplified my editing process. I can instantly catch and correct errors as I hear them. Now, I can't imagine writing without it.




Absolutely invaluable! Fantastic! As a retired Special Education teacher, I know this would have been a tremendous help to many of my students. I can't wait to share it with my friends and family!

Sarah Brown



The voices are excellent. I used this program to review a draft manuscript for a novel, and it did an outstanding job with the voices and dialogue. I was thoroughly impressed.

Ashley Martin

Texas, USA


Get Voice Out

Start free, upgrade whenever you need.

Free plan

Get up and running for free
  • Read aloud in 60+ languages.
  • Supports reading out any Google Doc, PDF, webpage, or book.
  • Built-in key press commands for easy use.

Voice Out Plus

Unlock premium voices
  • Coming Soon!
  • Unlock 20+ premium voices
  • Premium support

More Reasons to Get 🔊 Voice Out

Advanced Features

Change the speed, pitch and volume of the voice. Choose from a variety of voices including custom and premium voices.

No special hardware required

Voice Out functions seamlessly with your existing computer hardware and microphone, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks.


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